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S.O.N takes place in the most well known forest in the world, Clarencaster. The 300,000 acre forest located in southern Pennsylvania is full of plant life, beauty and mystery. In the most southern base of the iconic Pennsylvania forest lays an area that has given Clarencaster the title of the most dangerous area in the world.

South Of Nowhere.

In 2018, 648 people went missing including multiple search & rescue teams, police officers and hikers. Only 22 bodies were ever found, all children.

 You will see through the eyes of Robert Alderson, an unemployed, hard nosed, old school father who drowns out his past demons with alcohol. Neglecting everyone and everything.

On February 22nd Roberts son Jay was taken right out of his home and deep into the terrifying forest. Robert will go after whoever..whatever took his son.

A parents love for their child is deep, but does a parents love for their child conquer fear..

This is Roberts story.

the caves of stacy

This untraveled location lies miles underneath a home in South Of Nowhere


The most well known forest in the world..however EVERYONE suggests not going too far south. It's called "South Of Nowhere".


S.O.N was selected by EPIC Games to receive the coveted Unreal Dev Grant! It is an Incredible blessing to our small studio and we are beyond grateful for EPIC Games. Just a year ago we were a small studio with only a handful of people knowing about S.O.N. That has changed and it can for you, our advice to all indie devs. is to keep going and NEVER lose sight of the end goal!

Continue to chase your dreams!

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