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RedG Forever

What's up everyone! It's Jordan Davenport, Founder and Creative Director at RedG Studios. Today we are SUPER excited to announce our brand new RedG Studios logo!

Go ahead take a couple seconds to marvel at it... go ahead. LOOK.

We are no longer representing just the red G. There is no big reason for the logo change. I personally felt as if RedG has elevated since the release of S.O.N. With this feeling, it was time to make a more memorable logo. Something that is not only bad ass but professional. That's all I have right now as its just a new logo reveal.

Thank you for your continued support of RedG Studios, it means more than you could know! Each and everyday you guys are STILL buying S.O.N and its truly incredible to still see. From streaming the game to walking through it, you all have made my childhood dream come true and again, I can not thank you enough!

We can not wait to show you whats coming in 2020!

- Jordan

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